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New News(letter) and Blog

Hey there,

Gosh, can you believe we’re already in the 2nd week of 2017?!?! We’re super excited about all of the amazing things in store here at Cover Paige Creative (CPC), but we’re most excited to take you along this journey with us via our new newsletters and blog. We want to provide you with your own toolkit of design, digital, style and marketing tools that we gathered over the last 15+ years. So, here’s what you’ll be privy to in our bi-weekly newsletters and blog:

Tips, Tricks and Tools

This section is just for you and it’s fabulous!!! We’ve learned so many amazing social media hacks, design, styling, production and marketing tips over the years and figured it’s time you know them too. Dive into this section to swim in a sea of tried and true goodness.

Inspo Corner

Whether on our laptops or in our travels we’re constantly taking in awe-inspired creations, ideas and inspiration from EVERYWHERE… and we mean everywhere….annnnnd we’re dying for you to get in on the goods too.
Boss Babes & Business Besties – We know some out-of-this-world #bossbabes and business folks and want to introduce you to them. Learn more about these trailblazers and how they’re changing the game for women, entrepreneurs and creatives everywhere.

All Things CPC

We’ve been privileged to work on a myriad of projects; from amazing blogging conferences, stunning design builds to national marketing campaigns and more. Preview what we’re doing and learn from us in real-time for application in your own projects.

Also…Meet Olivia

In this new year, we’re welcoming new things and want to start with our newest CPC Team Member, Olivia. Olivia serves as our Design & Communications Assistant with a penchant for fashion, digital design and all things creative!

She is currently working towards a Business Communication degree with the goal to become her own fierce businesswoman. (Yaaas…. #ladyboss in the making). She can be seen designing some of our social media content, forming new business partnerships and working behind the scenes on projects.

Olivia’s goal is to inspire through her work and assist others to thrive creatively. Want to say hi to Olivia?!?!? Hop on over to our Instagram page  to welcome her to the team.

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