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Valentines Day is around the corner…


We wanted to show you some love with a special CPC Valentine’s Day themed post! We’re revealing our top secrets for giving stylish and thoughtfully themed gifts without breaking the bank. Pluuuuus, we’re dying to introduce you to a #GirlBoss that we ADORE who’s all about the love (scroll down to grab one of her amazingly inspiring and super comfy t-shirts and love notes  just in time for V-Day).

So what exactly is Experiential Marketing (EM)?

We’re so glad you asked! Experiential Marketing is the art of directly engaging consumers to participate in a brand’s unique interactive experience. Whether it’s an amazing festival (think SXSW), a trade show, soiree or taste-testing suite – EM allows brands to form a closer bonds between the consumer, immersing them in a fun and memorable experience. The idea being, if a brand event stirs genuine positive emotions within consumers, they are more likely to associate those emotions with that brand. This leads to more effective results and brand ROI than traditional marketing and advertising.

Part of our sweet spot here at Cover Paige Creative is our experiential marketing activations. We’ve certainly had the opportunity to provide our clients with a myriad of awesome customer interactions that have made huge waves within the brands. Take a look at some of our EM (and other) projects on our portfolio page.

So, how can CPC help you connect with your customer to create memorable interactions and experiences?



Tested Tips, Tricks & Tools

A Thoughtfully Themed V-Day Gift That Won’t Break The Bank

We’re all about the experience that comes along with gift giving. The way a well planned and thought-out gift can make someone feel… all while keeping you (or your brand) top of mind. But, how do you accomplish this fête without spending too much dough?!?! Here are just three of our tested-true tips to keep your wallet full while gifting a little bit of love:

Post-season stock up –  Grab goods and gifting items at the end of the season or after a particular holiday. For example, we picked up our super cute Sugar Paper red boxes right after the Christmas holiday at a 50% off… can we say “thank you, Target?!?!”

Purchase items from unexpected places – We scored our oh-so-fun polka-dot socks from Michael’s dollar bin! Woo-hoo! Who says you have to go to a clothing store to find cute clothing or accessories anymore?

Buy in bulk, distribute accordingly, have fun – Our super-posh disco ball tumblers were purchased locally from Westminster’s “it” boutique, Cultivated. Because we purchased quite a few when the boutique was running a sale, we were able to take advantage of a pretty sweet discount… Fear not! You can apply this tip almost anywhere. Look for trendy finds from your local Sam’s Club or BJ’s… (yes, there are trendy finds there… we know…  who’d have thunk).

Happy sourcing, shopping & scoring!!!



Boss Babes & Business Bestie

Yunice Jena’ Emir, Love Always YJE

Love Always YJE is a fashion brand focused on sparking a movement that encourages people to spread and give love—beginning with self.

YJE launched the brand as her custom love letter to fashionistas and fellow love enthusiasts. Inspired by her affinity and all things associated with love, Yunice birthed the brand as a way to give and spread love globally through fashion. For the brand, it all begins with love poured into each design, garment and package. YJE’s mission to spread love extends to the person wearing Love Always YJE apparel, which impacts everyone who sees or comes in contact with the brand.

Founded and based in Atlanta, all Love Always YJE apparel and accessories are custom designed and packaged locally. Each package contains a love letter from Love Always YJE, a blank notecard and stamped envelope. The goal is for fellow love enthusiasts to write their own letter and send it to a loved one!

When was the last time you wrote a love letter? Make sure you follow the love journey on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (@lovealwaysyje) and www.lovealwaysyje.com.

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