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Earl Scott
Founder TraiNOW

What do you say about EXCELLENCE!?!
Cara is a consummate PR & Marketing professional with innovative and creative ideas, always taking her projects to the next level. She exceeds expectations, continually refreshing her knowledge, sharpening her skills while growing in her talents. She has been an outstanding asset to our brand!

Caitlin Fisher – Marketing Manager
Pub Dog Pizza & Draft HousePub-Dog-Pizza-and-Drafthouse-Marketing

Cara introduced me to several tools that I don’t go a day without utilizing… I highly recommend this course to any business owner

Taking the Instagram Training course with Cara was extremely valuable! Managing several social media pages can be challenging when it comes to creating content, and more importantly creating content that will be appealing to your clientele. By taking a closer look at our Instagram page as a whole instead of each individual post, I was able to really see the importance of brand consistency and developing themes within our page. Cara was a pleasure to work with and introduced me to several tools that I don’t go a day without utilizing now! I highly recommend this course to any business owner, marketing manager, or anyone struggling to create great content across all of their social media platforms.

Stacey Ferguson – Co-Founder & Chief Curator
Savvy Professionalism & Marketing GENIUS!Stacey Ferguson - Cover Paige Creative

Before Cara joined our team as Director of Marketing for Blogalicious, we were operating without an intentional marketing strategy. Since coming on board, she has created an impactful line of marketing collateral, managed important strategic partnerships, and built out creative campaigns that have translated into increased sales and heightened brand awareness. Thanks to Cover Paige Creative, Blogalicious was not only able to host successful pop-up marketing events in Baltimore, New York and Miami, but we were also able to feature the Mayor of Baltimore as a keynote speaker at our 7th Annual Blogalicious Weekend conference. Her diligence, savvy, professionalism and jovial spirit have been an invaluable asset to my business.

Jess Ridgley – Event Chair
IF: Westminster

Our stage design was beyond beautiful & inviting

For IF: Westminster 2016, a gathering of 450 women from all over Carroll County, we needed inspiration for the stage set design. A large-scale design is intimidating to conquer without expertise and great planning!
Cara at Cover Paige Creative welcomed the challenge with amazing ideas, excitement and ease. I was so impressed with her organization and stunning mood board for ideas, she had obviously researched the

IF: Gathering inspirations and brought her creative design to create a flawless stage set and photobooth.

Cara went above and beyond by attending some of our leadership meetings, making sure we were comfortable with her design and offering helpful advice and computer programs for improving our leadership team communication and planning efforts. Her timely communication, whether by phone, email or in-person was unparalleled and her joyful attitude throughout the whole process was refreshing and inspiring. Cara’s enthusiasm and energy is contagious, while her professionalism and expertise in event planning is extraordinary. She obviously loves this work that she does so very well.

IF: Westminster 2016 was beautiful and inviting, a huge thank you to Cover Paige Creative!

Carol Pennington
SIS Board MemberCarol Pennington, SIS Board Member

We found the right team with a belief in our cause…

The She Is Safe Board (SIS) wanted to do a benefit concert to raise awareness and funds but hadn’t the slightest idea of how to reach the community or get the word out to the right people about the event.

We knew that our audience was probably very well connected on social media and that we needed lots of help in that area. The minute we sat down with Cara at our first meeting we knew that we had found the right person/organization to help us. Cara blew us away with her knowledge of not just social media but all avenues of communication that would be helpful for planning and publicizing our event. Cara held our hands all the way through.

Cara’s level of energy and belief in our event and our cause were both inspiring and refreshing to us. You took the lead and helped us both be more creative in developing ideas and ways to reach individuals and groups who would have the same passion that we do for She Is Safe.

Cara is a delight to work with and I would definitely engage her services again for any event or program that I need establish awareness or fundraising for.

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